GAZ-AAA with DSHK m.1938

GAZ- AAA, the first Soviet triaxial truck, was a modified version of the American Ford truck. The first trucks were assembled in 1934. The truck was the base for numerous military options. Among others, 12.7 mm heavy machine gun DShK (Degtyarev-Shrapin m.1938) was set on that truck. Besides the weapons in truck’s body, there was place for boxes with ammunition, different tools, as well as for the combat crew. This truck was produced until the summer, 1943. Heavy machine gun DShK was adopted by the Red Army in 1938 under the designation "12.7 mm heavy machine gun Degtyarev - Shpagin m.1938". The mass production of DShK was launched in 1940-41, and for the years of Great Patriotic War was produced about 8 thousand DShK. They were used as anti-aircraft and as infantry support weapons, mounted on trucks, armored vehicles and small ships (including - motor torpedo boats).