At the end of 1934 the first serial GAZ-AAA truck has left the assembly line of GAZ factory. It was the first serial Soviet (6x4) truck. The weight-lifting capacity of new truck has increased up to 2 tons at the highway (on a ground - 1.5 tons) the engine GAZ-AA of 40 h.p. (since 1938 GAZ-M of 50 h.p.) allowed to achieve maximum speed of 40.6 mph. The car became reliable and rather unexpressive. It was used as a base for construction of the bus GAZ-05-193, fuel trucks BZ-38 and BZ-38-U, ground starters AS-2 and AS-3, field repair workshop PM-3, radar station RUS-2 etc. With beginning of WWII the bus GAZ-05-193 was used as a staff one and an ambulance.