1/72 scale model Obyekt 483 Flamethrower Tank
Obyekt 483 Flamethrower Tank
1/72 scale model PMG-1 Soviet Fire Engine
PMG-1 Soviet Fire Engine
1/72 scale model BMD-3

Marmon-Herrington Mk.II МЕ

The armored car Marmont-Herrington Mk.II was produced in the Republic of South Africa in 1940 - 1941. Option ME (Middle East) was intended for action in the Middle East. Armored vehicles were delivered to the combat units of South Africa, which participated in the hostilities in North Africa, as well as to units of Great Britain. The armament consisted of a 7.7 mm Bren machine gun, a 13.97 mm Boys anti-tank rifle and an anti-aircraft machine gun. In total, 338 armored vehicles of this variant were manufactured.